Wednesday, July 22, 2009

83 Pound Trout Landed in Canada!!!

A resident from Deline, N.W.T., out fishing with his son last Friday got more than he bargained for when he netted a fish that weighed approximately 38 kilograms (83 pounds).

George Kenny and his son Jordon, 13, caught the huge trout while fishing near Broken Plate Creek along the Great Bear Lake. The lake is home to the biggest lake trout in the world.

Kenny said his son was a bit startled when he first spotted the large trout.

“He was kind of … scared of it,” Kenny told CBC News on Monday. “But I told him it’s only a bit alive. It’s not going to do nothing.”

Kenny said the trout was badly tangled in the net. He tried to return the fish to the water but it wouldn’t come around. So he brought it back to Deline and weighed it.

Word of the large catch quickly spread through the community. People came out to see and photograph the giant fish.

Kenny said he caught an even bigger trout last year but he retuned that one to the water.

The Deline Land Corporation plans to mount the fish, Kenny said.

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fill_eh said...

..nice fish, too bad it wasn't caught using a rod and reel.